Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods
Identification, Analysis, Bioassy, Pharmacological and Clinical Studies.

This book was published in Jan. 2011 by John Wiley & Sons. It is so far the only book that fully introduces
identification of herbal materials, extraction, isolation, identification, and analysis of chemical components in herbs,
screening of their biological active compounds, as well as pharmacological and clinical study of herbal extracts and
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ISBN:  978-0-470-14936-2 (488 pages)           in the publisher, call 909-869-1999.                                      
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This book is neither a set of herbal monographs nor a cursory discussion of research mixed with rhetoric;
instead it offers concrete and insightful discussion of research methodology in traditional herbal medicine.
While it does not replace reference books containing complete scientific monographs on specific herbal
medicines, it is complementary, providing the research framework required to develop scientifically sound,
quality products. For this important role, it is highly recommended." (Doody's, 5 August 2011)
An e-mail from a reader received on Nov. 7, 2012:

Dear Willow H. Liu,

I'm a Ph.D research scholar in Hyderabad, India. I work at a Pharmacy College as an Assistant Professor.
Just wanted to say that I've fallen in love with your book "Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Methods: Identification, Analysis, Bioassay, and
Pharmaceutical and Clinical Studies". It has ignited within me a new passion for research in Herbal medicines.

I thank you very much for such an endeavor.

Syed Yousuf Hussain
Asst. Professor
Mesco College of Pharmacy