E-mail received on 7/21/2012

Dear Dr Liu,

I am writing to you to thank you again for your help.

I have to remind you that I am a pediatrician and a psychiatrist practicing western medicine for over 36 years
,practicing western medicine in Amecica since 1986 ,currently a partner in Southern California Permanente
Medical Group since 1992.

I have problems with asthma and allergies for over 20 years ,I was taking medications especially inhalers and
at times usually once or twice a year I needed Prednison which was very effective but which was giving me
lots of intolerable side effects.

In general the mildest virial infections would trigger a bad asthma attack for which I would take Prednison
from 5 to 15 days.

This year I needed Prednison in January ,I took it ,then in February ,I took it ,then in March when I decided it
was too much and  I went to see Dr Liu who gave me some traditional medicine in the form of a brown powder
and 5 acupuncture sessions . In a few days my wheeZing was better and in ten days was gone. Since then
after four months I had twice some small viral infection with no asthma flare ups. I still feel good and for two
months I cut down to half the inhaler Dulera I use twice a day.

I have to thank you again Dr Liu for your help.

I always had an open mind and even though I have no idea how it works I have the proof of my own
experience that your method works.

Thank you again very much for helpping me.

For ever grateful,


Dr Mihai Chituc, MD