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Stories about treatments (2006):
1. Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS): The patient was a neurologist from UC Irvine. He visited the clinic
after having tried more than half year of Western medicine. On the first visit, he had a limp and
complained of severe neck and foot pain.
After the first acupuncture treatment, he felt less pain in the following week. After 5 times of
treatment, his pain decreased dramatically; the medicine he took dropped from 3 times per day to
about 3 times per week. After 8 treatments, he was  able to swim and do other exercises. A
follow-up phone call a month later revealed the disappearance of pain.

2. Consistent uterus bleeding: The patient was a high school girl. She came to the US alone from
Taiwan when she was 16 years old. Due to stress in the new environment and being away from
her family for the first time, her uterus had been bleeding non-stop for half a year. Her face was
pale when she came to the clinic.
Based on TCM diagnosis, she was given a formula of herbal extracts. After one-week
administration of herbs, her excessive bleeding stopped. The second formula was given to her to
continue the treatment. One month later, her period was back to normal and she regained a
healthy complexion.

3. Sciatic pain: The patient was a limo driver. His sciatic pain had bothered him for about three
months and he had seen chiropractors and masseuses. But these treatments did not help much.
The pain woke him 2 or 3 times during the night whenever he turned over. It was difficult for him to
wear socks in the morning due to the pain.
He was given acupuncture in combination with cupping. In his own words, his pain dropped from a
scale of 10 to 3 after 1st treatment. That night, he reportedly slept like a baby. After 2nd treatment,
he was able to crouch right after the treatment, the pain dropped to a 1.

4.  Severe leg pain: The patient had been suffering pain from lumbar spinal protrusion for 8 years
and had been treated by many doctors. Although he was told the protrusion was fixed, his pain in
his lower back and leg continued. Before coming to the clinic, he had been lying in bed for 10 days
due to pain on the lateral side of his leg from walking.
After one treatment with acupuncture, he started walking and exercising; after two treatments,
although still felt pain, he was able to work again.

5. Shoulder pain: The patient complained of shoulder, scapula and neck pain, caused by improper
positioning while typing. Often she was woken up during the night by the pain in her shoulder. She
had been receiving massage for two months, but her pain was not alleviated. Her neck was
After the first treatment with acupuncture, cupping, and therapeutic massage, she did not wake up
with pain that night. After two more treatments, the swelling on her neck obviously decreased. Her
pain on the shoulder vanished and pain on the neck dropped from 10 to 5.

6. Psoriasis: The patient had just graduated from high school and is attending one of the University
of California this fall. The onset of symptoms included countless small, round spots with
silver-colored debris covering his back and arms and itching. When the families visited South Asia,
he went to see a TCM doctor in Hong Kong and brought back bags of Chinese herbs. The
symptoms were gone after the administration of herbal tea. But they re-appeared three months
later. The cream prescribed by his doctor did not help.
After examination, he was given herbal extracts. The symptoms disappeared after ten days
administration of the herbs. Diet advice was given to prevent relapse.  

7. Cardiac arrhythmia: The patient started feeling dull-type headache, dizziness and weakness a
year ago. She had seen several acupuncturists but not any Western doctor because she had no
health insurance. The treatments were not very effective. She recently felt very weaker. She did
not even have enough strength to cook. She felt tightness on her chest and difficulty breathing. Her
pulse was weak and irregular, and her face was pale with a dark blue tint.
She was treated with acupuncture and herbs, along with deep breathing exercises. She felt better
after the treatment and started to cook for her husband and could even walk for one hour every
day after one-week administration of the herbal extract and acupuncture treatment. She is
continuing her treatment for headache. After the first acupuncture, she said her head became much

8. Hepatitis B: The patient was a restaurant worker who was told by his boss to undergo a health
examination because he was obviously losing weight and color in his face. He was diagnosed
hepatitis B. The levels of AST and ALT in his blood were 607 and 802 separately. But he had no
insurance for the treatment. When he called, he had been lying in bed due to weakness.
Two weeks after treatment with herbal preparation, he felt much better and his energy came back.
His AST and ALT in blood dropped to 119 and 338. He started working again. When he went for a
blood test in one month, all data was back normal.

9. Herpes Zoster: The patient got Herpes Zoster on the back of her neck. The pain felt like many
needles puncturing her because the virus infected the nerve root. It made her stay awake for the
whole night.
She was first treated with acupuncture. She did not feel pain that night. In the following day, small
fluid-filled blisters became more obvious. In addition to acupuncture treatment, the blisters were
punctured to let the fluid out. Then herbal extract was given locally. The scab was formed on the
third day. No pain bothers her any more.

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