A miracle treatment on a 90 year's old lady with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

The cardiovascular specialist diagnosed Mother Gao
coronary heart disease and had suggested her surgery
for many times. But considering her age and health
condition (one of her leg was cut off while she was
young because of bone cancer), she refused to have
surgery. The specialist then told her he was unable to
help her. She had been visiting hospital quite often for
the frequent heart attack

One day in February 2007, when she was 90 year's
old, after all the effort made by doctors in the hospital
for her heart failure, she was sent back home with
oxygen tube.

After two weeks with the oxygen on the bed, she
asked her daughter to send her to hospital to die because
she did not want to die at home. Then she became
half-consciousness. That evening, her daughter heard
her mom called my name (we are in the same church).
The daughter called me immediately and asked whether       Dr. Liu with Mother Gao in the church (taken in 2010)
the acupuncture can help her mom. I told her that we
should try.

When I arrived her home, I saw the sick lady was closing her eyes. Her face was pale like the white paper. I gave
her electronic acupuncture treatment immediately. Few minutes after I inserted the needles in her body, her face
slowly turned to colored as usual, then she opened her eyes and smiled to me. To my surprise, right after I took out
the needles from her arm, she raised her hand and took the oxygen tube away, then said calmly: “I am fine now!”

I went her home gave the second treatment next day and suggested her taking Chinese herbs. In the Spring of 2008
and 2009, she had another two heart attack respectively caused by emotional impact due to her husband's sick and
dead. Similarly, I treated her with acupuncture. When I write this now (April 2011), she is still alive at the age of 94.
We all thank God for the miracle treatment on Mother Gao. Since then, I have treated several other CAD patients
with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. And all of them are very happy with the result. I wish more people having
CAD could also benefit from such treatment of traditional medicine.